Propping Hire And Its Types

water filled barriers hire

What do you think is the safest solution for your construction projects? The process of construction is not only difficult but also a risky work because when the project is during its initial stages; there are high chances of framework collapsing down. However; if you have proper support system for it then the workers will not have to worry about their safety nor the framework will collapse down. This support is provided in the form of props. Props; as we know are the supporting system or assisting tools for anything. Similarly; in the world of construction there are props that help in the retaining of particular framework of the building projects. These props can be bought as well as hired for constructional reasons. In this article; we will be discussing about the process of propping hire in adelaide and its types.

Propping hire and its types:

Propping is such types of structures that are used for the time being to support the loads during the process of construction. Obviously, lot of load is added to build a particular project and all this load needs to be temporarily lifted with such solid props that can hold them until the permanent construction is done. Most commonly constructional props are used to support the floor timber or whatever material that is used to make the floor. There are some such props that are put through the walls to load the construction of the building.

There are different types of props that are used for supporting the constructional loads. There are tilt braces which are versatile and used for aligning concrete elements like prefabricated constructional walls. Then there are titan props that can hold the load of about eight times more that in its steel counterpart.  Strong boys are another such type of propping tools which are used as supports during the process of maintenance.

Water filled barriers hire

Water filled barriers hire are another type of propping system and we can say that they are the most commonly used ones as well. They are used in order to control the traffic as well as for roadworks. The purpose of water filled barriers are to stop or else re-direct traffic safely. They have a very high visibility. These barriers are made up of plastic.


Different types of props are needed to hold the framework of the constructional project while it’s still in it’s the initial building stages. These props are known as propping system for constructional projects that prevents the buildings from collapsing down. There are different types of such props varying from titan props to tilt braces. One such type of props is known as Water filled barriers hire. These are used to provide a significant support to vehicles in a predictable way. “Shore hire” provides the best quality of propping hire products and instruments to their customers. You can rely on their products for a durable result.