How To Create A Fairy Garden

Any fairy tale fan worth their salt would remember that iconic moment in Peter Pan where Peter tells the audience to clap their hands and say ‘I believe in fairies’ in order to prevent Tinkerbell from dying after ingesting Captain Hook’s poison. If, you ever clapped after hearing this iconic line you may have most probably grown up wondering about the existence of fairies and thinking that they are watching over you. Thus, is there any other way to support these fluttering daydreams than to create your very own fairy garden? Not only would this garden be visually appealing but the existence of such a garden in your hour would only convince you more about the existence of fairies. Therefore, here are some tips to ensure that you create the perfect fairy tale garden.

Plan the Design
This first step would be to create a plan on how you wish to arrange your garden and in order to do this it is advisable for one to begin sketching their design because they would then have a visual image on the placement of plants and furniture. Furthermore, one would need to decide whether they wish to use natural plants or whether they prefer artificial grass installation cost. Moreover, one would also need to decide whether they wish to use store made furniture or whether to wish to create an authentic fairy tale experience by utilizing leaves and twigs into pint size furniture.

Star Planting
Once, you own your very own sketch the next step should be to place potting soil onto the container which you are planning on using to create your fairy garden. After, the soil has been set properly one can opt to plan grass on the entire surface or on a part of this container. Furthermore, as I mentioned before while one can opt to use natural grass investing in a turf installation would be easier to maintain in the long run. Thereafter, one can proceed to plant the moss and the other plants on this surface as per dictated by the sketch.

Furniture & Décor
As mentioned above twigs and leaves can be utilized to create fairy sized furniture. For instance one can use small sticks and a piece of bark to create a bench for the fairies to rest on. You could even create a fence for the garden using small sticks in order to keep the goblins out. Moreover, one can even create a swing for the fairies to play on using twigs and small pebbles can be placed on the soil to create a path leading up to this swing. Finally one should make sure the garden is kept in pristine condition by regularly watering it and pruning the plants. For more information, please click here.grass-laying