How Marriage And Divorce Are Viewed In Different Cultures?

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Marriage is considered a sacred and important bond in most cultures. Its establishment is symbolic of two partners coming together to form a union and lead their lives together and build a future based on the marriage. It has an ancient history where many ancient cultures recognized and practiced the union of marriage. The culture of marriage has been one of the most long-standing and steadfast of practices, in which the joining of hands of a couple has become symbolic of new beginnings and a prosperous future.

Marriage and the acceptance of it may take many forms, based on specific cultural and customary norms in different parts of the world. Some cultures may pursue the generally accepted type of monogamous marriage, while others may adhere to a tradition of polygamy. This may be based on cultural, religious, or tradition-based norms established in that particular society for centuries.

In ancient cultures, evidence suggests that polygamy was common, which is far different to the case today. In fact, most jurisdictions consider polygamy a crime, where the marrying of another before getting a divorce from the previous marriage is illegal.

However, polygamy can still be seen in cultures such as the Amish, and religions such as Islam, where multiple wives is common.

Long before legal marriage was established, many cultures practiced traditional marriages, where the union was made concrete by conducting it in the presence of the deity that they worship, usually in a church or temple. However, legal marriage requires that marriage be attested and approved by the state, and the annulment of it also be made in the presence of the state.

With marriage comes the inevitable flip side of divorce. Divorce annuls a legal marriage and breaks the legal bond created. Divorce lawyers specialize in this area of law to provide legal representation from those seeking a divorce.

Although divorce is a common practice nowadays, it is still looked down upon in some cultures. Especially in the case of women, divorcing one’s husband is seen as disrespectful and demeaning, and the divorcee is treated as an outcast. However, it is important to realize that there may be cases where divorce is necessary, and can even save a life. This is true for cases that involve domestic violence. Child custody lawyers too play a part, through the legal system, to verify the claims of the victim parent and the child, so that a divorce may be granted by the court through the evidence presented. Look here to gain more information about child custody lawyers.

Although many see divorce as an act which taints the sanctity of marriage, it is obvious that there is a vital need for it in special circumstances.