Alternate Career Options In I.T

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We are of an age where computers play a major role in the everyday lives. It is used by teachers, by students, by nurses – by everyone it seems. Within the I.T industry however there are a number of different career options. Here are a few for those willing to get into such an industry, while utilizing their other creative talents as well.

Graphic designersResponsible for a wide range of jobs such as website development, graphic designers combine a love of drawing and art with their prolific computer skills. These designers are able to use a number of different programs depending on the task at hand such as Adobe Photoshop for editing images or Dreamweaver when working on website development.

Becoming a designer requires obtaining a bachelors degree – usually a 4 year course and also requires talent and a good eye for detail. Often those new to the industry will not be paid much, as having a wealth of experience is something prized in this industry and career.

AdvertisingThe world of advertising is immense and thus access into it can occur through a number of different channels. One such way is through obtaining a bachelors degree in media, majoring in marketing or advertising and using this to apply for a job in an advertising agencies Perth or any other capital city. Working for an advertising agency could mean using search engine optimization sites for research for clients or it could mean helping to brainstorm for new ideas for a new campaign.

In any case, when it comes to advertising, there really is no limit as to what you can do and generally most of the everyday processes are run through computers and the Internet. This covers not only communication between coworkers and even between the agency and their clients but includes how most advertisements are developed on computers – videos and photos are edited using commercial wall graphics Melbourne, logos are also created on computers and so forth.

Digital photographyIn a time where everyone with a camera phone can now be photographer, there has somewhat been an increase of people become digital photographers. Because there are a number of phone applications and software whose purpose is to edit and change images, it has become easier for people to take their hobby and swiftly turn it into a career. Some chose to upload their images on social networking sites, others print and display in galleries as is the traditional route – nevertheless this type of photography relies on the individual’s computing skills in their production of a piece of art.  While there are those that study photography in higher education, generally this career option is one that all can take up at any age.

There are a number of different career options for people to explore that still use computers on an everyday basis but will still use their creative side.